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1.1 在参加M78艺术课程第一节课程后的7天内,学生可选择申请退款。此后,除非出现长期生病或回国等特殊情况,否则将不予退款。


 1.2 上课需通过指定系统报名。如需请假,需提前一天通过系统通知。否则,缺席将被记录。学生每上10节课可享有2次临时请假机会,每上5节课可享有1次。额外的临时请假将被视为缺课。




 2.1 学生应准时到达上课,并全程参与。老师无义务延长课时以等待迟到者或满足早退者。若学生因个人原因需提前离开,画室可能不会提供补课服务。一般条款: 


3.1 取消和退款政策可能会根据画室管理层的裁量权进行调整。


3.2 学生有责任熟悉并遵守本文中概述的条款与条件。 


3.3 画室保留拒绝向违反这些政策的个人提供服务或入场的权利。通过在我们画室报名参加课程,学生确认并同意遵守上述条款与条件。任何由此产生的争议将根据画室管理层的决定解决。


Terms and Conditions: 


Cancellation and Refund Policy Overview: 


1.1 Within the first 7 days of attending the initial session, students have the option to request a refund. Subsequently, refunds will only be granted under special circumstances such as prolonged illness or relocation to another country. 


1.2 Enrollment for classes must be completed through the designated system. Should a student need to request leave, they must notify the system at least one day in advance. Failure to do so will result in the absence being recorded. Students are allowed 2 instances of short-notice leave per every 10 classes attended, and 1 instance per every 5 classes. Any additional instances of short-notice leave will be considered as missed classes.


Late Arrival and Early Departure Policy: 


2.1 Students are expected to arrive promptly for classes and remain for the entire duration. Teachers are not obligated to extend class time for late arrivals or accommodate early departures. If a student needs to leave early due to personal reasons, makeup may not be provided by the studio.


General Terms: 


3.1 The cancellation and refund policy is subject to change at the discretion of the studio management. 


3.2 Students are responsible for familiarising themselves with the terms and conditions outlined herein. 


3.3 The studio reserves the right to refuse service or admission to any individual not adhering to these policies.By enrolling in classes at our studio, students acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined above. Any disputes arising from these policies will be resolved in accordance with the studio's management decisions.

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